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Consumer Protection Lawyers In Perth – Know About Your Rights As A Consumer

It is your right to expect that the manufactured goods or products you consume are harmless and safe. In case you have undergone damage, harm or injury as a result of the defective or unsafe product, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

Consumer protection covers a wide zone of law that comprises defective products and product liability.

Compensation can include:

(1) Repair and replacement costs

(2) Medical expenses (together with future expenses)

(3) Replacement of the lost earnings

(4) Pay for distress, pain and lost pleasure of life

(5) Cost of attendant care and home help

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A producer or manufacturer can be taken to court over an unsafe product if you are able to show that:

  • You were owed by them a duty of care, i.e. their responsibility to take‘reasonable care’ while manufacturing their products
  • They dishonoured this duty because of their action or inaction
  • The letdown impinged on your damage or injury supported by medical proof

To make a claim for product liability can be daunting, particularly when insurance companies and big organizations take advantage of legal jargon, which may baffle you. We have been making these kinds of representations and claims for a number of years. We battle for a fair outcome and will work for you to bring you the best possible result.

Our product liability and consumer protection lawyers in Perth are vastly experienced in assisting people with a broad variety of matters like damages or injuries brought about by faulty products. We have helped innumerable people and you may contact our lawyers for consumer protection.

If you get in touch with our highly trained personal injury lawyers in Perth, WA, they will help you find a way to resolve your issue, to work out your problems and let you move ahead. You may also take the best legal consultation from our personal injury lawyers in Perth.

If you consider you have a claim you should:

(1) pursue medical treatment straightway and inform your doctor about the incident of your injury

(2) retain receipts and records of all medical costs as well as all medical consultation dates

(3) retain records of any income lost due to your injury and

(4) if possible, take photographs of your injuries and preserve the product that brought about your injuries.

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