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There are certain occupations that bring a high risk of becoming infected with diseases from continuing exposure to toxins or dangerous substances like asbestos fibres. Employees can make a worker’s compensation claim for these kinds of injuries – named the occupational disease. An occupational disease is a disease brought about by work, encompassing pre-existing diseases if the condition has been aggravated by work. You may be entitled to retrieve compensation for medical costs and a part of your lost income. Compensation claims for the occupational disease can be made in relation to the following work-related injuries.

Occupational diseases may comprise:
(1) Asbestosis, which is a lung disease caused by asbestos, which can also cause mesothelioma

(2) Other occupational cancers and lung disease

(3) Brain damage as a result of exposure to formaldehyde, benzene and other industrial chemical vapors

(4) Silicosis, which is a lung disease triggered by inhaling silica dust

(5) Radiation sickness and

(6) Lead poisoning

(7) Industrial deafness

Personal Injury Lawyers Perth to gain understanding about your compensation claim

If you have been diagnosed with an occupational disease on account of the negligence of your employer, you have the right to claim compensation. Workplace legislation and safety regulations assert that proper procedures and precautions should be followed by the employers to safeguard employees.

If you were employed in an industry and worked in an environment exposed you to toxins or hazardous dust, you may get in touch with our occupational disease lawyers in Perth who can assist you in comprehending your case.
Our personal injury lawyers in Perth to gain understanding about your compensation claim. Then if you come in contact with personal injury lawyers in Perth, WA, we will be able to appraise whether you are entitled to make a claim, perform a compilation work for your case, and lead you through each step towards a settlement that can grant you monetary release from your ailment. We have effectively obtained compensation for our clients that have undergone sufferings from lung disorders like asbestosis, mesothelioma, pulmonary fibrosis, black lung, silicosis, and lung cancer, occupational asthma and other incapacitating diseases.

We can assist with qualified legal advice and legal services for people suffering from the occupational disease in Western Australia. Our committed occupational disease lawyers in Perthare greatly knowledgeable in the area of workers’ compensation claim, and they are able to give you guidance through every stage of the process of claim, helping you gain the compensation you need.

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