What Compensation Can Be Offered To Victims Of Sexual Assault?

November 10, 2022    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
What Compensation Can Be Offered To Victims Of Sexual Assault?

Being sexually assaulted or abused is not uncommon and can occur anywhere in the world, including Australia. This is a crime that can equally affect both men and women, young children, adults and teenagers. You must remember that no matter the kind of sexual abuse you’ve suffered, you can get emotional support from various places.

The survivors of sexual assault or abuse can receive mental health support to combat their trauma. Before you look to hire top abuse lawyers for your case, you need to know other important things. A girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or stranger can all support the sexual assault, and there are many places where the assault can occur. In this particular guide, you will learn about the compensation that is offered to the victims of sexual assault.

What Are The Places Where Sexual Assault Or Abuse Can Occur?

Some of the places where a sexual assault can occur are as follows:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Universities
  • Dance schools
  • Child-care facilities
  • Aged-care facilities
  • Government-run institutes
  • Psychiatric hospitals

Other than these places, there are other places where sexual assault can occur. If you have been the unfortunate victim of sexual abuse, you might be entitled to proper compensation. The initial thing that comes to your mind after hearing about compensation is how much you will be compensated. Read on to learn more about the compensation offered to sexually assaulted people in Australia.

What Comes Under Sexual Abuse In Australia?

If anyone makes a sexual advance to you of which you do not want or approve, it is called sexual abuse. If a person applies force in such cases, it will be termed as a sexual assault. Both sexual abuse and sexual assault do not discriminate against people based on age and gender. It is considered a crime and can occur to anyone, despite their gender or age.

Do You Require The Help Of A Lawyer To Handle Your Claim?

Yes, you require the help of the best personal injury lawyers in Perth to handle your claim. For that, you must gather proper evidence, form detailed legal arguments and understand the particular laws and precedents in Australia.

How Do You Prove A Sexual Abuse Claim?

You will be able to win a claim by providing proper evidence, and this evidence will mostly include media proof, proof of the offender and victim being at the same place and at the exact time. A statement is also needed, and the victim should sign that.

What Have The Australian Authorities Done So Far Against The Offenders?

The Australian government previously launched a scheme in 2016 called the national compensation scheme for the survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Under this scheme, the survivor will receive up to $150,000 each. The Australian Prime Minister had announced that the politicians of the country and the judges would not be exempt from the sexual harassment rules, which is indeed a big step.

In the case of Australian catholic churches, an inquiry was made, and it was found that around several thousands of children had suffered sexual abuse at the church. Later, the Catholic church had to pay around $276 million as compensation for the sexually abused Australians.

Eligibility For Compensation For The Sexually Abused In Australia

You might be eligible to claim compensation under Australia’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003, and for this, you must meet the following criteria:

  • A victim has been injured or has financial loss due to the abuse.
  • A relative of the person killed due to the offence, such as a spouse, de facto partner, step-parent, grand[parent or child who has experienced a financial loss, can apply for compensation.

What Is The Time Limit To Apply?

Before you take the help of a lawyer or opt for compensation, you must know that there is a time limit to apply for compensation. Under three years after the incident occurred, you must make the financial assistance application. If you were a child when the crime occurred, you might have to apply before you are 21, and in some cases, you may apply later.

What Support Can You Get?

That compensation that you receive might cover the following:

  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological or medical expenses
  • Incidental expenses like travel for medical treatment or clothing damage.

If you were under some paid work during the time of injury, you might be able to get some assistance for the wages you lost. You might also be able to receive some monetary help to recognize the wrongdoings done to you. This is also called the special assistance recognition payment.

What Are The Different Ways To File Against Abusers?

Before hiring abuse lawyers as a sexually abused victim, you must know the way to file against the abuser. Sexual abuse victims will be able to apply via these schemes:

  • You can receive support under the ACT Victim Support Scheme, which includes financial assistance, counselling and a recognized payment.
  • You can sue the offender or a company/ individual in court as they could not protect you.
  • There is also support from the National Redress Scheme for individuals who can experience child abuse, such as places like schools, churches or sporting clubs. It can include counselling, payment or an apology.

How Much Should You Expect?

The terminally ill and elderly survivors of child sexual abuse can opt to access advance compensation payments of around $10,000 in Australia. Under the National Redress Scheme for Survivors, the compensation for the sexually abused in Australia is around $150,000.

The average compensation is around $85,000, and as per the Victims of Crime Compensation and Counseling Services (VOCCS), the financial help to the main victim of crime in Victoria can be up to $70,000. They will also receive government-funded compensation to help with recovery.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyers Perth

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse or assault in Australia, you can take the help of top sexual assault lawyers in Perth. After having reported the case to the police, contact Personal Injury Lawyers to access the best lawyers who will stand by your side in such difficult times to ensure you get the compensation you receive and that the offender is punished.

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