5 Most Common Workplace Injuries And How To Claim It

April 4, 2022    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
5 Most Common Workplace Injuries And How To Claim It

Workplace injuries affect both employees and employers of workplaces alike. Besides, such injury can also have a bearing on a nation’s economy. On average, the Australian economy suffers a loss of $60 billion each year due to workplace injuries.

Laws in Australia allow individuals to apply for compensation when they are either injured at the workplace or met with an accident. You can also apply severe workers’ compensation claims in Australia in other situations. These include mental stress, vehicle collisions, injury due to environmental factors and heat or electricity, and injury due to chemicals and biological factors. Unless you know all the procedures for claiming an injury, you may find things a bit tricky.

If you are not sure how to file a claim for a workplace injury resulting from these aspects, you can approach workplace injuries lawyers for professional assistance.

Read about 5 common workplace injuries and the procedure to claim them.

5 Common Workplace Injuries

For employees, it is imperative to know about the common workplace injuries for which they are entitled to obtain compensation. A good understanding of it helps in taking the steps for claim settlement. Here are the most common workplace injuries:

1. Strains And Sprains

Strains and sprains are the most typical injuries that employees suffer at workplaces in Australia. In most cases, a strain or sprain in a muscle turns out to be the main reason for such injuries. A sprain or a strain can happen when one carries, lifts, or pushes heavy items.

2. Fractures, Wounds, And Lacerations

Those who work with machines and sharp objects in the workplace are at the risk of getting a fracture, wound, or lacerations. Getting an injury while working with these objects is commonplace in Australia. While employers do their best to reduce the possibility of such injuries, the fact remains that employees suffer injuries while working with machinery and tools at workplaces in Australia. When an employee suffers an injury due to this reason, they are entitled to file compensation.

3. Mental Health Conditions

In workplaces, sometimes employees suffer injuries that are not visible. Such injuries can affect their mental health. Often, it happens due to overworking and bullying. In such situations, an employee can file a compensation claim.

4. Falls And Slips

Slips and falls are common workplace injuries that allow compensation to the workers who fall victim to any falls and slips and accrue injury. It is said that such injuries account for about one-third of the overall workplace injuries that are compensated. Such injuries can range from back injuries, head injuries, neck, cuts, broken bones, pulled muscles and sprains. Slips and falls usually occur due to oily or wet floors at the work premises, which may open doors for a worker to claim compensation.

5. Overexertion

For workers who are involved in manual labour, injuries may also result in overexertion of their bodies. Overexertion can occur due to pushing, lifting, holding, pushing, or carrying heavy-weight objects. Such injuries can cause debilitating pain and may further lead to a decrease in the worker’s productivity. Hence, it is imperative to take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion which can cause long-lasting physical harm to the employee.

Also, there should be ergonomic equipment wherever possible so that the overexertion factor can be reduced. Along with that, proper training should be given for operating the equipment to ensure the safety of the employees.

How To Claim Compensation Due To Workplace Injury

Upon suffering a workplace injury, seeking immediate medical attention becomes the priority. So, please pay attention to it before you take any other step. Next, try gathering as much information as possible about the procedure to file a workplace injury compensation claim.

You can approach workers compensation lawyers for professional help in Australia. With the proper guidance and advice from one of the qualified workers compensation lawyers, you will be able to file your claim in the right way.

Consider approaching someone who has practical experience in this field. When doing your online research, do not forget to read the reviews and testimonials about a lawyer’s service from their previous clients before making your decision. This will help you determine if a lawyer you want to hire is efficient enough to help you get compensation.

Final Thoughts

An injury can happen anywhere, including workplaces and at any time. The laws in Australia allow employees to seek compensation from employers for common workplace injuries along with many other types of injuries. You need to file a compensation claim to reduce your medical costs as you receive treatment for recovery. Consulting one of the qualified workplace injuries lawyers can help you with it.

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