How Do I Apply Or File For Workers Compensation Claim At Work?

June 11, 2024    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
How Do I Apply Or File For Workers Compensation Claim At Work?

Every employer is legally required to provide a safe working environment for employees. But accidents related to work can happen despite protective measures. When a person gets injured at work, they can seek assistance from Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Perth.

These legal professionals will help you get the necessary support from your employer. But for that, you will have to file your claim as a worker. So, read this article to understand how you can make a workers’ compensation claim and demand justice.

Step 1: Notify Your Employer

Once you suffer an injury at work or because of work, you should immediately convey it to your employer. Remember that telling the employer about your injury is extremely crucial. If you do not notify your company within 30 days of becoming aware of the injury, you face the risk of your claim getting rejected.

An employer must have an accident register where employees can fill in about their injuries. In case your employer doesn’t have one, you will have to send a written account to them.

Either write a detailed account of your injury on a piece of paper or send it via email. You should keep a copy of this written record with yourself for future reference.

Step 2: Go to a Medical Professional

After getting injured at work or becoming ill due to work, it’s important to get medical attention. You might avoid visiting a doctor because you think that the extent of your injury is not serious. But you never know when something minor can bring up fatal consequences.

You should get it checked by a doctor to understand the true extent of your work-related injury. During your medical appointment, explain to the doctor what led to the accident. You need to provide details regarding how the injury is a result of the work you do or the place you work.

Step 3: Obtain Your Work Capacity Certificate

If you intend to submit a workers’ compensation claim, you will need an official statement from a medical practitioner. This is called a work capacity certificate or a certificate of capacity.

It will state how a work-related injury or illness has hampered your ability to work. It will also mention how long you are likely to suffer the damage and what the possible treatment for the injuries you have sustained might be.

Step 4: Get a Workers Compensation Claim Form

Once you have reported your injury to your employer, they are likely to give you a form to fill out. If they don’t give you one, you should ask for it. If your employer doesn’t have one, request it from a medical practitioner. Otherwise, you can also contact WorkCover authorities in your territory to obtain this form.

Step 5: Submit the Form

The final step in making your workers’ compensation claim is submitting the form. You should attach the certificate of capacity with this form. Submit the two documents to your employer.

You should have a copy of the certificate and the form with yourself. If a need arises in the future, you will be able to refer to these documents to show the extent of your injuries. Moreover, you need to keep track of the medical bills and the time you need to take off from work to heal from your injury.

What Can You Expect After Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Once you submit your workers’ compensation claim, you will have to wait for your employer to provide you with the assistance you need. The medical expenses that you incurred to heal from the accident should be covered by your employer. Moreover, they should provide you with a portion of your wages as long as you are unable to work because of the injury or illness.

Final Words

The overall procedure of submitting a workers’ compensation claim can be confusing for an ordinary person because it involves a lot of steps. You can follow the steps discussed above and file a claim successfully. That’s why seeking help from a legal professional will help you navigate through the process and receive the support you deserve.

Contact the best personal injury lawyers Perth to prevent the risks of rejection of your claim and get the best compensation outcomes.

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