How Do You Know If You’ve Been Sexually Abused?

February 1, 2023    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
How Do You Know If You’ve Been Sexually Abused?

When you are the victim of a sexual assault, it is not uncommon for you to feel confused or upset. You may also feel scared or angry or might even not know how to react at all. You will have all these experiences if you are the victim of a sexual assault.

But, in such cases you can take the help of the top personal injury lawyers in your area. But there are also steps that you can take to get back your understanding within hours or days of the assault. In this specific guide, you will learn more about how to know if you have been sexually assaulted and also the signs of physical or domestic abuse.

How Will You Be Able To Know If It Was Rape?

After you have been the victim of such an assault, you may have several questions in your mind. One of the common questions is if it was really rape; there are several things you must consider in such a case. You have to decide whether your consent was continuous or freely given; this can help you better understand what happened.

Things You Must Consider In Such A Case:

It can prove helpful for you if you consider the following questions:

1. Were You At The Right Age To Consent?

You must know that most of the states in Australia and around the world have a legal age of consent. The exact age will differ as per the state, and the age of consent is regarded as the minimum age at which an individual can agree to have sexual activity with another individual.

If you are less than the legal age, you will be considered a minor, and this indicates that you cannot engage in sexual activities with an adult. It doesn’t matter whether the child or teen says yes; it is still considered rape.

2. Did You Have The Power To Consent?

Any individual who is willing to consent to sexual activity must have the full power to make this kind of decision. You will not be able to consent if you are incapacitated. People who stay under the influence of drugs or alcohol might have lesser capacity.

An intoxicated individual may not be able to consent if they are unable to make informed decisions without being pressured. Before you hire a sexual abuse lawyer, you must know more about intoxication signs, and they are as follows:

  • There are exaggerated gestures or emotions.
  • There is slurred speech.
  • People stubble or wobble when they walk.

You cannot give consent to someone who is incapacitated, and some of the signs of incapacitation are as follows:

  • Unable to walk without assistance.
  • Speaking improperly.
  • Not knowing the specific day of the week or even the month.
  • Often passing out.

In the same way, people are incapacitated in one way or the other. For instance, they may have an intellectual disability and may not be fully aware of what is happening. In such cases, they will not be able to provide consent at all. Any sexual contact without any proper consent will always be considered as rape.

3. Was The Consent Freely Given?

You can also consider consent as an explicit agreement, which must be provided enthusiastically and without reservation. If you feel you are threatened or have been threatened in any way, you cannot consent. If you are being threatened with manipulation, force or any coercion, it means the ‘yes’ will be involuntary. Any sexual contact that occurs after a coerced yes is considered a sexual abuse or rape.

4. Were The Boundaries Crossed?

When you give your consent, you also establish your boundaries. When you consent to an act of another, it doesn’t mean you will consent to every act of that person. For instance, you may agree to kiss but not other forms of sexual acts. If you see that your partner does more than what you have given consent for, they have broken the consent and crossed all the established boundaries. This can also be considered rape or a form of sexual assault.

5. Were There Any Changes To Your Boundaries?

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer Perth, you must know that it is possible that you may change your mind during a sexual encounter. At first, if you say yes to something (such as a sexual act) and later think you are uncomfortable doing it, you can say no even during the act.

But in case the other person does not stop, the encounter can no longer be considered consensual. This is because your consent will be violated, and the things that are happening may be considered rape or even sexual assault.

What Are Some Signs Of Physical Abuse In Adults?

Physical abuse in any form is considered a deliberate act of force against an individual that leads to injury, trauma or physical harm. This can also include scalding, pushing, biting and many more. Some other things can also be included, such as mediation misuse, food withholding, forced feeding or use of restrictive practices.

The signs of sexual abuse are almost often evident, and they may be properly hidden by the abuser. The victim is also likely going to hide any kind of physical evidence if they love the perpetrator and do not want them to fall in trouble. They may also be fearful of speaking out or being questioned on such things.

Some of the possible indications of physical abuse may include the following:

  • Marks on the body
  • Broken bones
  • Bite marks
  • Burn marks
  • Malnutrition signs
  • Frequent injuries
  • Falls that cannot be explained.

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