Rights and Responsibilities of Consumer in Perth

April 1, 2024    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
Rights and Responsibilities of Consumer in Perth

Consumers are the ones who purchase and avail the goods and services offered by the sellers. The consumers in the process of buying the commodities must be aware of the rights and duties associated with it to avoid inconveniences or getting cheated by the sellers.

This blog will thoroughly discuss consumer awareness, the rights of consumer, their responsibilities, and their importance.

Basic Consumer Awareness

Every individual, no matter which nation, must be aware of their consumer rights and responsibilities. It is our duty to have a basic knowledge of consumer awareness, rights, and the responsibilities associated with it.

It is important to know about consumer rights and responsibilities to understand right and wrong while purchasing or availing of goods and services. It helps you to avoid getting cheated by corrupt salesmen. You can contact Top Personal Injury Lawyers Perth to help you understand the rights of consumers and how to tackle them.

What is Consumer Awareness?

Consumer awareness refers to the state where a consumer is aware of their rights and responsibilities, understand the situations when such rights are violated, and know the measures to take against such malpractices to receive the right compensation. Also, you must understand your responsibilities as a customer and act accordingly to avoid troubling the sellers and create a harmonious buying and selling atmosphere.

Rights of Consumer

Every nation has its consumer rights but follows the same basic principles. Similarly, Australia also has their consumer rights, which we are going to discuss below:

1. Right to safety

This consumer right is issued to protect the customers from any harm dealt to them by the commodity, goods, or services they avail or purchase.

2. Right to be informed

Consumers have the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, purity, standard, and price of the commodity they purchase from the seller.

3. Right to choose

Consumers should have access to the market to make informed choices from the vast array of goods and services that are available to them. This is to ensure the practice of fair pricing of the commodities in today’s monopoly market.

4. Right to be heard

This right is implemented to help the consumers voice their concerns and promote ideas and goals for the welfare of customers in meetings.

5. Right to seek redressal

This consumer right in Australia gives customers the right to seek compensation or correct a wrong they have faced while buying a commodity. This makes the customers confident enough to purchase goods and services from the market without worries.

6. Right-to-consumer education

This right emphasises the need for consumer awareness, consumer rights and responsibilities by the people. This will make the consumers understand the market and ultimately promote healthy buying and selling of products.

Responsibilities of Consumers

It’s so unfair if only there are consumer rights but no responsibilities. The government of Australia, to ensure equality, has also introduced certain duties that every customer must adhere to. Let us discuss the duties below:

  • Consumers must ensure the quality of the products they are purchasing from the market. Agmark, ISI, and Hallmark are some signs that indicate a product’s quality.
  • The consumer must read every product detail before deciding to purchase it.
  • Consumers must adhere to the rules while purchasing a commodity.
  • Consumers must always request bills from the seller after the payment to rectify problems during the purchase.
  • Consumers must address the malpractices of the sellers if caught to avoid such behaviours in the future.
  • Finally, consumers must organize a non-political party to express the consumer’s needs and requirements.

Importance of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

As individuals, we have to go to the market to purchase a commodity at least once in a while. Knowing the rights and responsibilities of being a consumer will help us tackle dishonest sellers who try to exploit consumers unaware of their rights. Some of the facts we might not know as a consumer include:

  • Consumers have the right to choose a commodity and negotiate the final price.
  • As a consumer, we can rightfully demand a healthy and clean environment.
  • Consumers can file a complaint from anywhere.
  • Consumers can request clarification through video conferencing.
  • Also, the consumers can demand the reasons for their complaints being rejected.

Wrapping Up

Hence, as a consumer, it is vital to be aware of the market, rights and responsibilities to avoid getting cheated by the sellers. Also, you can tackle these situations if you know these rights. You can request a Consumer Protection Lawyer Perth to help you understand consumer rights and responsibilities.

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