A Guide to Getting Compensation for Workplace Injury

May 11, 2023    Personal Injury Lawyers Perth
A Guide to Getting Compensation for Workplace Injury

Injuries at work are not a negligible part. The harm caused by such occupational accidents can be severe enough to make you disabled. Though accidents cannot be forecasted, so the employer must establish some employee safety guidelines. When you are at your workplace, your employer must take all the health regarding responsibilities. Otherwise, you have all the right to make them liable for irresponsibility.

There are several jobs where you need to work outdoors. Mostly, in field jobs, the chances of occupational injury are the highest. So if you are injured at workplace then you can have compensation for your medical treatment and this compensation is Compensation for Workplace Injury. Workers Compensation Lawyers Perth can support your rights. Continue reading to gain knowledge about your rights in cases of workplace injury.

What Can Cause Workplace Injuries?

Workplace injuries can happen due to road accidents, carrying heavy weights, or falling down from heights. It is most likely to be seen in construction sites where the workers have to work from heights and with machines.

It is likely to be caused by overexertion slips, bodily reactions, trips, and falls. The results can be extremely dreadful. It can cause physical and psychological disorders, diseases, and even death. In Australia, community and personal service workers have faced these painful common workplace injury. In recent years they have 93.2% of work-related injuries.

In case any of these occurs to you, you are likely to get colossal Compensation from your company. If your employers refuse to get you fair Compensation, contact the worker’s compensation lawyers Perth WA. They help you in your most harrowing situation and fight for your rights.

Who Is Liable for Such Occupational Injuries?

Every employee must be valued in terms of their mental and physical health. Many bigger organizations have established insurance, first aid, and medical allowances to maintain the safety and security of the workers. When you are at your workplace, any harm to your health must be compensated by your manager. In this aspect, workers’ Compensation is initiated. If your employer refuses to pay you the compensation you deserve, the lawyers from Workers Compensation Lawyers Perth can settle the matter on your behalf.

What is Compensation For Workplace Injury?

Workers’ Compensation is initiated in Australia under the Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (the SRC Act). The scheme has started offering workers a safety net in case they become ill or injured because of work. It is completely the responsibility of the employer to cover all the employees under the insurance for their safety check.

Under the act, the workers compensation lawyers Perth WA can help you ask for Compensation from the employer. The lawyers will ensure the employer compensates the workers with payment for their recovery. They also are supposed to cover the wages of the employee until he gets perfectly fit. Thus, you would get to know about your rights from an experienced lawyer.

What Are the Legal Terms for asking for Compensation?

To take a legal step for your injury at the workplace, firstly, you must be aware of your integrity. In this high time, the personal injury lawyer Perth knows how much you are suffering. They will teach you about all your rights in the best possible way. This would decrease your suffering and help you prevent loss.

For instance, in Australia, you can take steps to recover your loss in the following ways.

  • You can file a claim in the state industrial court or worker compensation court.
  • You can claim worker compensation during the hearing.
  • You can treat your injury and see a doctor for your physical harm.
  • You have the right to receive all the benefits that you are entitled to.
  • When you are completely recovered, you can again join your job.
  • If you are unable to work, the employer must allow you to receive disability compensation.
  • Your wages must be taken care of in your absence.
  • You have the integrity to report against worker’s compensation denial.
  • You can hire lawyers from personal injury lawyers Perth to strengthen your representation.

You can charge your employer if he denies the worker compensation under any circumstance. Also, if they refuse to pay your wages in your absence because of workplace injury, they are likely to get sued with your complaint.

What Benefits Can You Get After Work-Injury?

Apart from the rights, know the benefits you can get after raising your voice against it. No matter how injured you are, you should file an issue to restrict others from being injured and suffering from loss.

Knowing the benefits, you can safeguard your peers. These are the following benefits that you can get if you get injured from your occupation.

Temporary Total Disability

The Temporary Total Disability or TTD is provided to individuals to compensate for all the lost wages while they are recovering from an injury. These compensations are only provided when one cannot work properly.

Besides that, these payments are also made when he/she cannot cannot return to work, but only available to work for limited hours at a lower wage. Individuals will also become eligible for the TTD when their physician restricts them from doing work to speed up the recovery.

Temporary Partial Disability

TPD or Temporary Partial Disability is offered to an injured person who is temporarily restricted from conducting a job skill of a specific level but is permitted to work at a reduced level. In simple words, this compensation is provided to individuals who are “partially” disabled.

Let’s say, one used to earn $600 to $800 before he/she got injured. After the injury, one might not have the ability to do regular work but the company decides to provide the injured a lower-paying work through which they can make $400 to $500 per week. The injured person loses $100 to $200 because of their injury.

Permanent Total Disability

The Permanent Total Disability [PTD] claim is provided to individuals who have suffered from an accident or injury that prevents them from returning to work with the same capacity. Here, the injured person receives a massive lump sum amount as compensation.

This is viewed as a benefit payment that will help in funding for the current and future medical costs. The compensation can also help clear out all the debts and provide the individual with a source of income that can help them restore their quality of life effectively.

Permanent Partial Disability

The Permanent Partial Disability or PPD is a worker’s compensation. It’s provided to an injured person who has the ability to work but doesn’t possess the same level of efficiency and skill that he/she showcased before the injury.

The compensation, which he/she will receive will help in covering for all the medical costs and also become an extra source of income for them.

In the worst scenario, if the workplace injury has dragged the employee to death, their family receives the death benefits. You also have the right to claim any of the benefits that best suit your condition. Ask the lawyers from personal injury lawyer Perth to obtain the benefits from who is liable for your physical damage.

Under worker’s Compensation, the fault of one person is not determined. Here the Compensation has to be covered by the insurance. But in terms of personal injury, the liable person stands guilty.


In conclusion, in construction sites or outdoor jobs, workplace injuries have become very common in Australia. It may be due to the irresponsibility of others or accidental causes. However, do not worry if you suffer from a workplace injury then you are entitled to compensation for workplace injury .

The personal injury lawyers Perth would provide you with excellent lawyers to stand by your defence. Get all the benefits and the highest Compensation you deserve just with one complaint.

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